Nick is a seasoned Product Manager in the games industry that has published 10+ AAA & independent games across Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Mobile, and more. He has also made many more for game jams and side projects. See below for recent work, or click above for more info! 

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Nick is a dedicated and hard-working individual who goes the extra mile. He developed the PR launch strategy for Codename Cygnus — as well as a social media strategy — and he executed both with solid results. He quickly assumed responsibility for the outward communication of Reactive Studios by interfacing with players, drafting press releases, managing a newsletter, and coordinating interviews. Nick definitely understands how to keep on point in coordinated external messaging. While accomplishing these tasks, he also performs all communication with clarity and professionalism. In addition, he stands out as genuine and sincere in a profession where it is easy to allow marketing-speak to become inauthentic. Finally, I witnessed as Nick worked under great pressure toward a very challenging deadline in a startup environment. He handled it all gracefully while retaining a positive attitude the whole time. I am very happy to work with him. I am sure that he will continue to achieve success in the years to come.
— Jonathan Myers, CEO at Reactive Studios
Nick is an extraordinarily hard worker who effectively accomplishes any task he encounters. While working with Nick on multiple game projects, he continually sought out new ways to improve our workflow. His ability to meaningfully connect with people both in person and online lead to a great deal of media coverage for our projects while boosting the morale of the team. Nick will be a valuable asset to any team and I’d look forward to working with him again.
— Jonathan Munoz, Senior R&D QA Analyst at Riot Games
During PAX East 2015, we hired Nick Mudry to work as a Production Assistant with Devolver Digital. We were in need of a local person, and an extra set of hands, as we were taking our largest group to the convention.

With zero training, Nick immediately jumped in and got to work, helping us with everything from shopping for forgotten electronics to fan interaction. We found that there was not a single task that we could ask Nick to do where he wouldn’t jump in enthusiastically, capably, and eagerly. Nick never had to be told twice, he figured things out quickly, and on his own, and
proved himself as a trustworthy individual.

Nick made a challenging time a lot easier, and we were very lucky to have found him. After working with him, we definitely look forward to having another chance to work with him in the future
— Kate Ludlow, SpecialOps at Devolver Digital

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