Photo Credit:  Renzo Heredia

Photo Credit: Renzo Heredia

Nick is a Product Manager in the games industry with over 7 years of experience across design, product, business development, marketing, public relations, and community management. 

In his freshman year at college, Nick founded Play Nimbus, a multi-award winning independent game development studio, and launched Wobbles to over 25,000 players worldwide. He continued to work on new innovative game pitches including Private Eyes - a mobile console hybrid game pitch, and Spoka, a stream first title, before joining Harmonix in April 2015. 

As a Product Manager at Harmonix, Nick helped launch the reboot of the cult classic rhythm game, Amplitude, and released Harmonix Music VR for the launch of the PlayStation VR.

Nick worked with Reactive Studios to launch Codename Cygnus, an interactive radio drama for mobile devices. Today, Reactive Studios has shaped Codename Cygnus into Ear Play. He also has worked with several smaller game development studios, teams, and students in a consulting capacity. 

Previous to working in the industry, Nick wrote for many gaming blogs and communities, and during high school, founded and ran his own, Abstract360. 

You can stay up to date with Nick either by following him on Twitter, or reading his blog. Want to learn more? Send Nick and email or connect with him on LinkedIn