Below are some letters of recommendation and references from my LinkedIn page. 

Jonathon Myers - CEO and Creative Director at Reactive Studios:

Nick is a dedicated and hard-working individual who goes the extra mile. He developed the PR launch strategy for Codename Cygnus -- as well as a social media strategy -- and he executed both with solid results. He quickly assumed responsibility for the outward communication of Reactive Studios by interfacing with players, drafting press releases, managing a newsletter, and coordinating interviews.
Nick definitely understands how to keep on point in coordinated external messaging. While accomplishing these tasks, he also performs all communication with clarity and professionalism. In addition, he stands out as genuine and sincere in a profession where it is easy to allow marketing-speak to become inauthentic.
Finally, I witnessed as Nick worked under great pressure toward a very challenging deadline in a startup environment. He handled it all gracefully while retaining a positive attitude the whole time. I am very happy to work with him. I am sure that he will continue to achieve success in the years to come.

Daniel Clayton - Creative Director at Dime Studios

Nick is an enthusiastic PR and Community Team Director, and great representative for Xitol developers. He always makes an effort to be available, and maintains strong communication with individual developers. 

I have worked with him directly on corporate design and graphics. As an internal client, he was supportive and articulated his request in detail, making the entire process smooth, fast and successful. 

Nick has been a key component in building Xitol's public image, and is actively contributing the the growth of Xitol's public and fan community. He balances a professional profile and a gaming community profile in a down-to-earth fashion that friends, fans and peers respond to.

Adam Roy - Lead Programmer at Play Nimbus

Nick is a fantastic marketer and community manager. His ability to forge connections online comes natural to him and was valuable to our team while we worked hard to develop our first game together. Without him we would not have been nearly as successful in garnering attention. 

In addition to his marketing abilities he has a mind boggling array of other skills such as composing music, fixing obscure technical problems, and managing websites. Nick always has something to contribute to any situation. 

Lastly, Nick has a fantastic positive attitude that is infectious and motivating, and a work ethic to match. He is a great team member and will be an asset to any team that has the pleasure of working with him.

Rachel Roberie - Environmental Artist at Play Nimbus, Intern at Mass DiGI

Nick impressed me immediately and deeply from the moment I looked at his website for the company he started; Play Nimbus's site is extremely clean and professional for a student company. He manages an insane amount of contacts and emails every day, on top of his diligent networking on twitter and facebook, and he knows how to push a product forward with events and advertising. 

Working with Nick as a de facto manager was always a wonderful time, because although he worked hard to make sure everybody was always on track, he never spoke a harsh word, never raised his voice, and never lost his cool. It was undoubtedly due to his organizational and social media skills that our game, Wobbles, did so well upon launch.

Dillon Skiffington - Freelance Journalist, Co Founder at Abstract360

Nick was an extremely personable co-founder of Abstract 360. Under his lead the site not only grew, but prospered. It quickly bloomed into success with his variety of management and optimization techniques. 

Placing an emphasis on community led to an avid fan-base which kept coming back for more. Nick effectively kept the site looking fresh and managed public relations with the community, developers, publishers, and other PR teams. 

His knack for keeping a site going in the right direction is second to none. I always look forward to doing business with Nick and he would make an excellent addition to your team.